Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Six Weeks Old!

Our sweet Nola is already six weeks old! I can't believe it! She has changed so much since she was born, hard to believe they change so quickly. She smiles at us, and it's not just gas, she really smiles on purpose! I can tell that she's becoming aware of the world around her and I love the innocence in her eyes as she takes it all in. Sleep deprivation has been quite an adjustment but I know that I'll look back on these quiet moments in the middle of the night and cherish them. I love seeing Christopher with her. He turned into a puddle of mush the moment the ultrasound tech said "There's nothing sticking out! It's a girl!". He truly loves her and that makes my heart melt! Our little Nola has changed our lives and brought us so much more purpose and joy!

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