Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Then comes marriage...

August 14, 2008: It was Thursday, I was at work and I thought I was going to NC that evening to spend the weekend with Christopher. I walked back into my office to a package on my desk. I was really confused as I opened the package to find a scrap book. As I started to look through it I saw pictures of Christopher putting the scrap book together and I was even more confused. Then I saw him coming into my office...wait, he's supposed to be in NC! When the blind fold came out, I was officially stunned, almost too much to realize what was actually going on. He drove me to Charleston, SC and recreated our first day of "officially dating" that we spent there. I had been swept off my feet and had no other answer but YES on Folly Beach as he was down on one knee with a diamond in his hand!

December 6, 2008: I woke up that morning excited yet calm. It was our wedding day and I couldn't believe I was actually getting married! The day went off without a hitch (other than almost forgetting to get his ring to my sister right before she walked down the aisle, thanks for running Dad!). We were married and so excited to start our lives together! Our honeymoon in Mexico was a BLAST and it was nice to go somewhere warm in December! We had our whole lives ahead of us when we got home to our little one bedroom apartment and I couldn't be more thrilled with where we've been and how God has blessed our marriage!

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